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Marites Ebardo from Philippines

Family with photo


pizzoli from Italy


Siyavo (id: 7968, we prefer a female) from Hungary (Hungary)

We speak danish (danish) , norwegian (norwegian) , swedish (swedish) , english (english)
and a bit german (german) , hungarian (hungarian)

We are a young couple and that are gonna have child in January-February some time. Both are studying right now, so we just need a person to "buffer" the load:) That translates into: -A few hours of childcare everyday (My wife is always home so you won't be totally alone with all the responsibility, but she needs 2-4 hours alone to focus in her room and this is where you come in:) -A bit of housework everyday (We are not a messy family, and we do have a maid that comes once a week; but maybe a few dishes need to be cleaned before she comes, or maybe the clothes have to be taken out of the dryer. Not folded though, that is something the maid does. Or maybe putting together a little snack for me right when I come home from School and too tired to do it myself) -Maybe cooking some days (Maybe once or twice a week)

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