Aupair with photo


Raquel Bongais from Philippines

Family with photo


Romero from Spain

Summer 2010

Maaniitty (id: 6443, we prefer a female) from Finland (Finland)

We speak german (german) , finnish (finnish) , english (english)
and a bit swedish (swedish)

We have two kids, but you would be mostly helping Lotta-Livia (4 years) to catch up the english language, building snow castles and making funny pranks to mom... =) Aleksander (15 months) is our younger child. Mother Henna is at home and you would be partly sharing the daily activities around the house. Our current aupair has done a magnificent job with Lotta and she is starting to speak english in words added with couple of sentences. She understands spoken english language related to daily tasks fairly well. As said this would be your main task in our house. Father is working in well known company as a program manager. We love summer and winter sports, music and dancing. Basically all activities go, as they give a break for normal daily tasks. We do not follow strict routines in our family, so flexibility is something that we will provide for you, and that is something that we would like to expect from you in return. This is to make things easy on both sides. We do not have pets. Our house is close to city centre, so moving around in hobbies and meeting friends is easy by city buses and trains. Our house is rather large, half of it is in renovation, but you will find your own solitude during your free time. You need to have experience in child and baby care. You like children and you know their needs. We do not need you to have special house care skills, but you need to do light housework and cooking during your workdays.

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