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Stella Sommer from Denmark

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boggild from United Kingdom


Wilkinson (id: 4175, we prefer a male or a female) from Germany (Germany)

We speak german (german) , english (english)
and a bit french (french)

let me shortly introduce our family: we are a lot of people :-)): there is my husband Steven, 47, he is british and an entrepreneur and one of the founders of an american community called the "small giants community" our eldest: James, he will be 11 in October and will start middle school at the second half of August, very sporty (totally into Golf, acrobatics, soccer, basketball..... and creative there is Frances, she is 8 and will be in third grade next schoolyear, she loves cooling/baking and all kind of creative/artistic work, horse-riding and pets followed by Georgina, 7, she will be in second grade next schoolyear, totally into horse-riding, and acrobatics on horsesthen we have our little "prince" Henry, he will turn 6 in August and will start in first grade,- Henry likes all kind of sports and is very creative, too and... me, britta, 42, german, I am a horse woman and partially work in my husbands business,- we have some pets living with us,- there are two dogs,- "Hippo" and "Harvey" two Guniea pigs and two rabbits,- not living in ones are two horses.Besides horse-riding and golf, the family likes to hike and bike in summertime and all kinds of wintersports (alpine and cross county skiing, snowboarding). In winter we normally spend the weekends in our domicile in Austria.We are open-minded, like to have people around and are very much socially engaged. It is always loud and inspiring at ours :-))

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