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mark andrew Abina from Philippines

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Milner from United Kingdom


George (id: 4053, we prefer a female) from Romania (Romania)

We speak rumanian (rumanian)
and a bit english (english)

We live in a small plains town about 80 km south of Bucharest, Romania's capital, in a quiet area of town but close to its center, in a house with a small yard with three dogs, which Cristian consider them as best friends of his. He wants very much an au pair to know from whom to learn good things. We are a middle-aged family, me of 39 years old and Nicoleta, my wife, 45 years old.We have one son:Cristian.Cristian is 8 years old. He is inteligent but sometimes a bit naughty. He is very possesive too. ... but is also affectionate with children under age in general. Is dependend on his mother, but he wants a favorite teacher, too... Shortly, he is a beautiful children, we love him very very much and we are very proud of him. He likes to paint, to play with cars, to play the piano and... and he likes to be "the first" or "the best". He knows only a few english expressions. He knows many individual basic word (animals, colors, things, meals etc.) He has not any health problems.

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