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Zita Szirmai from Hungary

Family with photo


Carolyn from Australia

Au pairs from Ireland


Wendy Bowen (id: 8730, age: 31, a female) from Ireland (Ireland)

I speak spanish (spanish) , french (french) , irish (irish) , english (english) and a bit swiss german (swiss german) , german (german) , danish (danish)

I'm very outgoing and enjoy having fun and being silly. I'm also a very responsible individual and take any work placement very seriously. I'm fun to be around, love children Read more


Caroline Almeida (id: 5703, age: 26, a female) from Ireland (Ireland)

I speak portuguese (portuguese) and a bit english (english)

I am responsible, patient, dedicated, affectionate, organized, friendly, careful, communicative, funny, honest, humorous and likeable person. I like movies, music, hanging out with Read more


Jerilyn Ingram (id: 5785, age: 63, a female) from Ireland (Ireland)

I speak english (english) and a bit english (english)

Mother of three children aged 27, 24 and 21 and experienced and certified home-based creche owner of seven years in the United States, specializing in daycare for children aged 0-2 Read more


Alexander Moll McCarthy (id: 8414, age: 26, a male) from Ireland (Ireland)

I speak german (german) , spanish (spanish) , french (french) , english (english) and a bit german (german)

My mother is Irish and my father German and we live in Mallorca (Spain). I'm the theird (3rd) child out of a family with four children, I'm used to live in a Read more


Juliana Takao (id: 8377, age: 38, a female) from Ireland (Ireland)

I speak portuguese (portuguese) , english (english) and a bit spanish (spanish) , italian (italian)

I am a reliable person, hardworking, decent, easygoing, responsible, peaceful, funny, lovely, helpful, committed and competent. I really like to be helpful and I love kids because they Read more


Amanda Silva (id: 8329, age: 29, a female) from Ireland (Ireland)

I speak portuguese (portuguese) , english (english) and a bit spanish (spanish)

I am calm, clean, non-smoker, patient with children, honest, sociable, responsible, organized, serious and dedicated person. I love kids, movies, cook, teaching and read. I don't Read more


Marion Donoghue (id: 8280, age: 30, a female) from Ireland (Ireland)

I speak english (english)

My name is Marion Donoghue, I am 23 years of age and have just finish college,I love working with children and find it extremely rewarding. I am quite active and enjoy swimming, cycling Read more

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