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Jennifer Hopper from Spain

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clarke from United Kingdom


Svava Osk Adalsteinsdottir (id: 9992, age: 27, a female) from Iceland (Iceland)

I speak german (german) , icelandic (icelandic) , english (english)
and a bit danish (danish) , norwegian (norwegian) , swedish (swedish)

Dear Family. I've been around children all my life and I can't think og anything more giving and precious. My parents are both teachers, 3 younger siblings and I grew up in a loud, active and loving household. I come from a bilingual background. My mother is from Germany and my father is Icelandic. My German gets rusty between visits but I keep my english "up to date" by working in hotels & bars over the summer season. I also have basic knowledge of danish. I spent most of my childhood on a farm. I bought my first horse when I was 10 and she still has a good life at my parent's farm but she is too old to ride now. We had rabbits, dogs, ducks, chickens and any other animals that we kids thought needed a home. At some point we had 3 ducklings and a wild eagle stashed in the stalls and nursed them back to health. We spent the whole day outside and just came in for eating and sleeping. I'm a certified securityguard and I teach first-aid in Iceland.I worked for 2 summers as a chef and I have experience with vegan and healthy cooking. I don't smoke and I don't drink. I love traveling, learning new languages and getting to know people from different cultures and religions. I read, cook, bake, play and listen to music, go hiking, spend time outside, ride my horses, skate, snowboard, rockclimb, iceclimb, swim, lift weights, run, box, go out with friends, dance, laugh, study, take pictures and so on ! I'd love to become a part of a loving and active family !

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