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Inma Hernandez Malonda from Spain

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Sherlock from Australia

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Leonor G. Gutierrez (id: 979, age: 35, a female) from Japan (Japan)

I speak spanish (spanish) , english (english)
and a bit japanese (japanese)

I love studying, specially science-related stuff and mathematics. As expected, I also like playing chess, shogi (Japanese chess), solving Rubik's cube...all that sort of "geeky" stuff. By the way, I also like tutoring and have some experience as a private tutor for high-school level math & physics... so if somebody needs help with homework, I'm the right person!
But my interests are not limited to those above. I'm extremely interested in public speaking. I even belong to an international speech club (maybe you've heard about it: "Toastmasters International", TI). Currently I'm working in storytelling and technical presentations. And I'm very curious about stand up comedy too.
I love jogging. I run 8 km three/four times a week. I also like swimming... I don't have a good swimming nor jogging style, ha-ha! but I enjoy it. I do like to eat healthy. I can tolerate (almost) any food, but a house where only pizza, cookies and chocolate bars are eaten is definitely not for me. I'm not vegetarian, but I wouldn't mind giving it a try!
I don't drink and I don't smoke. I don't care if the parents smoke as long as they don't do so inside the house.
I want to take my English to the next level. I'm pretty much fluent now, but I'd like to have the same linguistic richness as I have in Spanish. Also, I'm learning Japanese. After a bit more than a year in Japan, I'm still a beginner...shame on me! So, if any member of the family would speak Japanese... well, that would be TERRIFIC!!!!

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