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Fatima Feher (id: 5086, age: 31, a female) from Hungary (Hungary)

I speak english (english)
and a bit german (german)

My name Fatima derives from Turkey, but I am full Hungarian an NOT Muslim:) My hobbies are reading, watching movies,listening to music, travelling and hiking. I like both mountains and seaside, I just would like to feel the beauty of nature. I love animals, especially cats! My favourite sports are cycling, aerobic, swimming and ice-skating. I can characterize myself as a friendly, hard-working, highly reliable and flexible personality, who is smiling a lot :) Making new friendships and coming to terms with new people make me always happy! I would like to pick up a foreign language in a country where people can understand a little bit English but their mother tongue is different. Besides I love taking care of sweet children and playing with them. Instead of watching TV I would rather do some creative activity with the kids like drawing, playing puppet show or theatre, making small gifts...anything which needs fantasy and makes children happy!!! In case of nice weather I prefer taking them to playgrounds and parks to sitting at home. In Hungary I babysat a lot (both smaller and older kids), worked in a summer camp and at several programs as a children's animator. I have been travelling to India and numerous European countries and really enjoyed all of my journeys.

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