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Zsófia Sophie Kovács Sophie from Hungary

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Sellier from Belgium

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lily burickson burickson (id: 4790, age: 37, a female) from U.S.A. (U.S.A.)

I speak english (english)
and a bit spanish (spanish)

My other interests include outdoor activities, and dance. I have been trying to improve (maybe having kids to play with will help) my ultimate frisbee game(similar to no touch football, american, but with a frisbee). I also love exploring cities on foot or biking. I have an avid interest in health food and a few signature dishes that I can cook (lasagna, fettucini alfredo, “big”salad with chicken, and lots of eggs). Finally a little more about my background and values. I grew up with an older brother who had a role to watch out for me. Before my father died he did instill in me that thinking is the most important skill to develop and people are defined by their actions. I think that I have come to value that as I go through life and hard times because its the only way to learn tolerance and compassion . We also had pets (a couple of dogs). My family instilled in me to make community important and be of value. I look forward to meeting you. Lily

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