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Gea-Ann Marie Rubi from Philippines

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Anna Valls (id: 14920, age: 2018, a female) from Spain (Spain)

I speak spanish (spanish) , english (english)
and a bit french (french) , russian (russian)

My name is Anna and I'm from Spain. My native language is Catalan but I speak Spanish as well. I live in a village not far from Girona, in Catalonia. I speak English, a little French and in 2014 I enrolled in Russian language. I am studying Spanish Filology to become a Spanish teacher. I put my heart in it because I love languages. My brother is 10 years old. Since he was born I've been learning to take care of him while my mother was at work. My grandma was always there and marked the start of upbringing a child. I simply get used and finally liked it. I took care of two twins of my town as well during some time. I’m used to do the household shores daily. Apart from languages, I like cooking, walking and cycling and I like either the city or the countryside.

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