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Elizabeth Pylypenko from Ukraine

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Omeh from U.S.A.


Emira Gerguri (id: 14807, age: 2018, a female) from Albania (Albania)

I speak english (english)
and a bit german (german)

I come from a large Albanian household in which each of us showed great love and how important family is. My mom worked full time because she was a single mom, but thankfully me and my brothers weren't alone. We had our grandmother, aunt and cousins to look after us too. Of course my mom would be with us whenever she had free time. Family just plays a huge role in our lives and are children first teacher. I also been able to visit the UK thanks to my aunt in which she lives there. So, that gave me a glance on how The UK looked like and how busy people are there. That also meant that there are many children alone at home and I would love to be there with them. I love being around children because they always bring joy in life. Somehow they can always brighten your day no matter how moody you are. I always play with them, sing, dance or maybe even watch movies( no one is too old for Disney movie). Therefore being around them, no matter where you are will be a bliss

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